Camp Bethel's Self-Guided Adventures

  • Date: This is an ongoing activity that will be occurring periodically throughout the festival.
  • Registration: Not Required
  • Hosted By: Camp Bethel
  • Location: Camp Bethel Summer Camp and Event Center; 328 Bethel Road Fincastle, VA 24090
  • Ages: All Ages

Questions About the Event?

  • Event Lead: Jenna Stacy Mehalso
  • Email:
  • Phone: (540) 992-2940

Self-Guided Compass Trails (or Letterboxing) and GPS Trails (or Geocaching)!

Camp Bethel is glad to offer you this opportunity to get outside and explore creation. We have provided two types of adventures, Compass Trails and GPS Trails. Compass Trails (or Letterboxing) use clues and a compass to find each destination. GPS Trails (or Geocaching) use a GPS device (Google Maps) and GPS Coordinates to find each destination. Each adventure ​has a theme, a color code (so you don’t get mixed up in your wanderings), an estimated time to complete, and a brief

description of activity level. The Compass/GPS Trails are open to the public June 10 through November 1. For more information go to:

Visit Event Website