As a kid, do you remember being ‘encouraged’ to go outside and play?

At Member One, we have a love for the outdoors – and we don’t need much encouragement to “go outside.” We work and live in our local communities, and you’ll find us, along with our families, enjoying everything this region has to offer including our lakes, mountains, biking paths, parks, and hiking trails, or just out walking on the greenways. We have a long-standing commitment to the communities we serve — financially and also by enjoying and helping to keep the green spaces healthy.

It starts at the top with our C-Suite executives, who, for example, took time last year to clear trails at Carvin’s Cove making it possible for others to enjoy being outdoors. Representing our entire organization, various groups of Member One employees have also helped to clean up local greenways and parks, held teambuilding events by hiking to Dragon’s Tooth, have hosted team picnics in the park, and assisted with the Rubber Duck race on the Roanoke River.

So we encourage you to join us — go outside and play! There is a big beautiful green world here in the Roanoke region and we’re proud to be part of it.