Concert FAQs

2020 Benefit Concert FAQs

Pre-Arrival Information for Concert: Extremely important information everyone in your pod must be aware of (and do) in order to get in. Seriously…read it.

What are your COVID policies and safety protocol? See our full policy here. Those refusing to adhere to the mask requirement and safety protocols may be asked to leave.

Can I bring a pop-up tent? No tents or umbrellas allowed to ensure everyone has a good view.

Can you have more than six people in a pod? No. All pods will be strictly limited to the six original people you arrive with. When you purchase a pod you will be sent six unique scan codes and those will be the only six people allowed inside the concert venue. Once in your pod you will have color-coded wristbands for just the people in your pod. No pod co-mingling will be allowed.

When can we arrive? By now person who purchased the pod will have received an email with instructions (please share this with your entire party pod). You can also read the contents of that email here. You will be assigned an arrival time. Please ensure your entire group arrives at that time. This ensures we don’t have long lines and are able to maintain social distancing. If your group or a few members cannot arrive at your scheduled time please do your best to consolidate your group into smaller groups and arrive when you can.

We ask that you arrive with your entire party pod. At your assigned arrival time approach the venue as a group. Please distance from other parties and have your masks on. At check-in you will receive your wristbands, instructions, and any items you pre-purchased or that came with your pod level. An usher will escort you to your pod.

Can I bring chairs and blankets? Yes, you may bring camping chairs and blankets to sit in your pod. We recommend a blanket to sit on and a blanket for warmth.

Can I bring my own alcohol? No outside alcohol will be allowed. All beer will be served in cans and delivered to your pod. Beer served onsite will be a variety Deschutes canned beer. Cider and wine in cans will also be available. All onsite sales will be credit card only through an app.

How do I buy beer tokens? If you purchased beer tokens through the ticketing portal, they will be given to you at check-in with your packet and swag items. If you need more onsite, you will be able to buy them through the Odeko App (GO Fest Shop) and they will be delivered to your pod (instructions will be in your arrival/check in packet).

Is there an age restriction? Yes, this concert is for ages 18+ only due to explicit content.

Where should we park? Party pods are required to arrive and check-in together, so we recommend that you carpool or use a ride share. Parking is available on a first come first serve basis in the new River’s Edge North parking lot and Carilion parking lots and garage located off Reserve Ave.

Can we bring our own food? No outside food will be allowed either. Attendees can order from food trucks onsite using the Odeko app (download prior to arrival for ease) and it will be delivered by volunteers to your pod. Brush up on details here ahead of time, they will also be included with your arrival packet. VERY IMPORTANT – when ordering anything through the Odeko App you MUST replace your name with your POD #…this is the only way we know where to deliver your order.

Can I smoke or vape? No. This is a smoke- and tobacco free event.

What is your bag policy? – No large bags or coolers will be allowed into the event. You may have a small personal bag, chairs and blankets. All bags are subject to search.

Are dogs allowed? No dogs at the benefit concerts. We will be working very hard to keep everyone safe and in their pods at all times (except when using the bathroom) so it just makes it too complicated to add dogs to the mix.

Can I leave and Come Back? No. There is no re-entry