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The Anthem GO Outside Festival planning committee is comprised of staff from Roanoke Outside and Roanoke Parks and Recreation. We also have an amazing crew of volunteers that work hard to make the annual Anthem GO Fest a reality. The outdoors is our passion and our staff has experienced some of the most epic adventures throughout the country and around-the-world. Now they are bringing what they’ve learned to make the Roanoke Region a better place to live, work and play.

Stay in touch (we promise we don’t email often or share info).

The GO Fest Crew

Event Manager, Media Contact, and Sponsor Liaison

Kait Pedigo, Event Manager
Roanoke Outside Foundation
Office: 540-343-1550 x 109
Fave Adventure: Motorbiking over the Hai Van Pass in central Vietnam

Vendor Coordinator, Detail Guy

Tim Pohlad-Thomas, Special Event Coordinator
Roanoke Parks and Recreation
Office: 540-853-5469
Fave Adventure: Exploring and camping in 49 states and many countries!

Volunteer Coordinator, Merch Whisperer

Kat Andrew, Outdoor Recreation Coordinator
Roanoke Parks and Recreation
Office: 540-853-1276
Fave Adventure: Thru-hiking the John Muir Trail and surfing in Costa Rica

Race Coordinator, Good Times Guru

Abe McKinney, Outdoor Recreation Supervisor
Roanoke Parks and Recreation
Office: 540-853-6807
Fave Adventure: Thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail

Activity Coordinator, Joy-Wrangler

Dylan Kelly, Outdoor Recreation Supervisor
Roanoke Parks and Recreation
Office: 540-853-6019
Fave Adventure: A 275 mile paddle on the Neuse River, NC.

Content Conductor, Web Maestro

Stephanie Long, Marketing Director
Roanoke Regional Partnership
Office: 540-655-9362
Fave Adventure: Besides GO Fest? A long bike on the greenway.

Content Creator, Hype Team

Miros Barrera, Content Developer
Roanoke Regional Partnership
Office: 540-343-1550 x 102
Fave Adventure: Hiking/exploring Arizona National Parks.

Co-Director, Behind-the-Scenes Magic Maker and Sponsor Liaison

Patrick Boas, Recreation Manager
Roanoke Parks and Recreation
Office: 540-853-1339
Fave Adventure: Snowboarding at over 25 destinations throughout North America

Co-Director, Beer Taster and Creative-in-Chief

Pete Eshelman, Director of Outdoor Branding
Roanoke Regional Partnership and Roanoke Outside Foundation
Office: 540-343-1550 x 104
Fave Adventure: Bikesploring old Forest Service roads and trails

Volunteers, Committee Members & Community Organizations

It takes 600+ people every year to make GO Fest happen. Not to mention sponsors, municipalities, clubs, local businesses, national manufacturers and too many organizations and people to list. We are so grateful and it just goes to show that this is a community-led effort – YOU ARE GO FEST.