2020 GO Fest Info

We aren’t physically together, but we can still work together to build and improve our greatest asset – the outdoors.

2020 FAQs

Is GO Fest Happening?

Not in the traditional sense of 40,000 of our closest friends all gathering at the same place and the same time. We do plan to release a schedule of events happening throughout the region, and encourage everyone to celebrate the outdoors in a socially distanced way.

Will GO Fest be back in 2021?

We have every intention of bringing our big ‘ole outdoor festival back, with all our favorite vendors, athletes, sponsors and events in 2021. Of course we will be following all CDC and state guidelines this year and in the future. So let’s just cross our fingers for better days.

Will it still be free?

For 2020 we won’t have the standard large gathering in one place but we are working with our area businesses, clubs and organizations to host mini-events throughout the region. Many of them will be free, but some will have participation fees (it’s up to the vendor). We will also be hosting a benefit concert, epic team challenge, and gear raffles all to benefit Project Outside – since these are fundraisers they will require funds ๐Ÿ˜„.

What’s the benefit concert all about?

If CDC and state health entities allow, we hope to host two socially distanced benefit concerts at River’s Edge Park on October 16 and 17. The concerts will be fundraisers for Project Outside so admission will be priced accordingly. VIP boxes will be available where you and up to 6 friends or family members will be allowed to share a 12′ x 12′ space together. More details about bands, layout, prices, safety precautions, etc. will be released ASAP. Subscribe here to get updates about the benefit concert.

What is Project Outside?

Project Outside is a lasting community fund created by businesses, governments, and individuals to support outdoor capital improvement projects, maintain key outdoor assets, and help launch and support businesses in the outdoor sector. Learn more.

What does Project Outside have to do with GO Fest?

We are turning lemons into lemonade! We can’t gather in-person together, but in honor of GO Fest we can make a big difference that will have a lasting impact on outdoor community. Our kick-off goal is to raise $100,000 by GO Fest weekend (October 17), and then keep it going. This is our time to invest in our community strength โ€“ the outdoors โ€“ to continue positioning the Roanoke Region as a preferred place to live, work, play, and visit. 

How can my company get involved?

A business can become a one-time sponsor as we kick-off Project Outside or you can double down and show your commitment to the outdoors by becoming an annual contributor to Project Outside. All donations to Project Outside are tax-deductible and we provide a toolkit so you can leverage your donation to the fullest. Annual membership options are in development and will include both financial and in-kind support options as well as custom options such as donating a percentage of gross sales during a month.

If you’re hoping to engage your staff, you all can volunteer as a group during our benefit concert. You can also book a VIP box at the benefit concert for your staff or clients. Certain sponsorship levels include VIP boxes in addition to promotional benefits. Contact us for details.

Can I still volunteer?

There will be volunteer opportunities, events to support local businesses, fundraisers and virtual events that will all support Project Outside and GO Fest. We plan to release this information in phases over the next 6 weeks. Subscribe here to make sure you stay in the loop!

How can I give you all my money?

Well since you asked so nicely. (Links for these options will magically appear as they become available for purchase).