Outside Magazine Get Outside Tour: Essentials for Outdoor Living

    • Oct 15th: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Registration: Not Required
  • Hosted By: Roanoke Go Outside Festival
  • Location: Campfire Stage at the corner of Elm Ave and Jefferson Ave
  • Ages: All Ages

Questions About the Event?

  • Event Lead: Roanoke Outside
  • Email: info@roanokeoutside.com
  • Phone: (540) 655-9362

The Get Outside Tour by Outside Magazine presents on the essentials to outdoor life. After hearing from speakers on the cultivation of the outdoors through communities, public lands, and an outdoor-focused business climate, attendees will be ready to get outside and start growing their own outdoor groups. They will hear from experts on the nuts and bolts of going on outings and may even walk away with some free gear.