DryFoxCo Hiker Packing Challenge

  • Date: This is an ongoing activity that will be occurring periodically throughout the festival.
  • Registration: Not Required
  • Hosted By: DryFoxCo
  • Location: DryFoxCo booth
  • Ages: All Ages

Questions About the Event?

  • Event Lead: Samantha
  • Email: samantha@dryfoxco.com
  • Phone: (203) 631-9166

DryFoxCo will be hosting a packing challenge! Our mission is to create lightweight gear so you can adventure lighter & smarter. Participants will pack a DryFoxCo daypack full of the hiking essentials, choosing from a variety of gear items provided, with the goal of packing everything they need for a day hike. Participants will then be asked to guess the weight of their packs. The participant closest to the exact weight will win a DryFoxCo daypack and towel. All other participants will also win prizes. The goal of this activity is to encourage participants of all ages to learn the weights of different hiking gear and learn how to pack lighter.